Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision

At Pet Wizard we believe that pets make the world a better place. All the positivitiy, happiness and emotions that pets give us are invaluable, the only thing we can do in return is to take a good care of them! 

Our mission is to make the pets in Australia happier with supplying good quality food, toys, clothes, grooming items and essentials. 

Our Vision is to reach this formula 

                    Happy Pets = Happy Pet Owners = More Tolerant and Kind World!

Pet Wizard Difference

At Pet Wizard we believe that animals need as much attention as humans, sometimes even more. Despite the market being flooded with a variety of products for pets, sometimes it’s really hard to find quality and unique items that our pet friends will enjoy!

Being Pet owners ourselves, in 2019 we decided to start a journey of sourcing and hand picking items that are affordable , unique and not widely available in the market. Our pet friends are already enjoying most of the items that are on the site, they impatiently wait for more!

We promise: 

  • 100% money back guarantee in case you or your pet friends are not happy with any of the items
  • Superior customer experience and support




Our Founders

Andy Petrosyan
Co-Founder/Joint CEO

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing & Business strategy 

Anthony Minogue
Co-founder/Joint CEO

Global experience in operations, logistics and business management