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Cat trees and towers: five feline playsets you will want to buy from pet wizard

Cat trees

Five cat trees and towers you, your cat, and your family will love plus a simple guide to ‘catifying’ your home. Catifying your home is about creating a space that serves both the needs of man and felines.  To create said type of space, you will have to invest in a few items including a […]

The Best Cat Scratching Posts Buying Guide: Which Feline Trees are the Best?

scratching posts

Five of the best cat scratching posts and trees of 2021.  A guided exploration into your cat’s scratching preference. How many scratching posts should a cat have?  What is the best scratching post for my cat?  If you are struggling to answer these questions, then you have landed in the right place.  Today, we take […]

Best Cat Breeds for Kids that Will Melt Your Heart

Best Cat Breeds for Kids

The long list of best cat breeds for kids can be ultimately shortened if you know your family needs and its lifestyle. Your family members need to consider if your kids have any special needs, for example, allergies. Owning another pet, perhaps a dog or another cat will also affect your decision about choosing the […]

Best Family Dog Breeds You Will Grow Fond of in No Time

best family dog breeds

All families that want to get a dog have an important conversation before making the big decision to welcome a new pet into their home. You and your family members may spend days, weeks, even months discussing questions, such as:  What are the best family dog breeds?  Should we get a small, medium-sized, or large […]