The long list of best cat breeds for kids can be ultimately shortened if you know your family needs and its lifestyle. Your family members need to consider if your kids have any special needs, for example, allergies. Owning another pet, perhaps a dog or another cat will also affect your decision about choosing the best cat breed for your children.  

Kids and cats make great companions. Certain kittens are more resilient to children’s poor cat handling skills. Affectionate breeds won’t mind the attention and will love cuddling with family members. Others will be a bigger challenge for your life with both cats and kids 

Provided you do some planning before you get a cat, you will get a combination of the most heartwarming moments and fondest memories for your son or daughter growing up.


Ragdoll cats are famous for their gentle affectionate nature and will make a great pet for most families. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years. Having a large and muscular body, they won’t suffer from kids’ mischiefs too much. Blessed with a soft silky fur coat, they are a cuddling treasure. With blue eyes under the hood of a colour point coat, Ragdoll cats will be the furball that will enjoy sitting with you and cuddling on the sofa.


If you are looking for the best cat breed that you will find in the weirdest places, curled up or squeezed in boxes, then the Manx is your breed of choice. 

Manx cats are domesticated cats with a shorter tail due to a genetic mutation. If it weren’t for their shorter tail, they would most likely have portrayed the image of a genuine domestic kitty that plays and easily bonds with everyone. 

Generally known as social and active cats, they will keep your children entertained. The Manx cat breed can attach to a single person, as well as to the whole family.


Abyssinian cats are equally cute when they are small and as adult pets. They are known to have a long and slender body, big ears, and a typical thick short-haired coat. As they are very active and love heights, they are suitable for kids above six years of age. 

If an abys kitten is your preferred choice, you have an array of colours to choose from. Be prepared for plenty of interaction with your cat and get used to its athletic “model” body. 


Balinese cats are a mutation of the Siamese cat gene and are considered hypoallergenic cats despite their long silky-haired coat. Balinese cats are quite fond of their human hosts. These highly-energetic, intelligent, and humour-natured angoras will be a welcome addition to families that have more than one kid and plenty of energy to spare on playful activities. 

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Devon Rex 

Supersized ears? Check. Extra-large eyes? Check. That is the Devon Rex, the most devilish of cats with a bit of a mad temper and a loyal personality. 

Among the many of the best cat breeds for kids, the Devon Rex is most likely to impersonate a dogs character, acting like a trusted canine friend that bonds with your family. 

Apart from the unprecedented devotion, be prepared to welcome fun and madness into your home – this fun-loving kitten will create it in leaps and bounds. 


Siberian cats are big, fluffy hairballs that are allergy-friendly pets due to their low levels of Fel d1 allergen. Although they look massive, they have agile bodies capable of hopping over large distances and heights. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find them jumping from the floor to the top shelf in a matter of seconds. Siberian cats bond with children and other cats well, including dogs. If you have a large family gang, this social creature can be the right match.   

Maine Coon (American Longhair)

Their distinctive appearance with long ears similar to those of a lynx makes the Maine Coon breed a favourite pet for families that don’t mind owning a giant animal. Female Main Coons can weigh up to 12 and male Maine Coons can weigh up to 18 lbs.

Despite their size, Coons keep the heart of a small kitten long into the old age. Known for exquisite hunting skills, this largest domesticated cat breed for families with a rectangular body is a relaxed, laidback animal that will enjoy lounging with you and your kids on the couch.  

Top Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds for Busy Families

If you don’t find think these cat breeds will meet your needs, consider other cats suitable for families with kids:

  • Siamese
  • Burmese
  • Birman
  • Himalayan
  • Cornish Rex
  • Australian Mist
  • Bengal
  • Russian Blue
  • Somali

Dedicate some time to exploring each cat breed’s temperament and personality and you will welcome a pet that will grow into a great friend for your children and a source of entertainment for adults in your family. 

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