Scratching Posts & Cat Trees

It is a fact that an average cat spends three-quarters of its life playing or napping. That means play time and nap time are essential aspects of growing up. We invite you to browse Pet Wizard’s wide selection of hand-picked cat scratching posts. You will not only be amazed by the offered clever designs of scratching towers, but you will also find a suitable design both for fun and good sleep for your precious cat.

Why not treat your furry friend with scratching posts to play on?

We made sure that our selection of cat trees is perfect for kittens, cats with special needs, and older cats with orthopaedic needs. Whether your cat is a climber or a sleeper, we have the perfect product. Our scratch posts, stretch towers and nail strengthens are most suitable for the needs of your pet. As a result of a clever selection process and testing of our products, we make it easy for you to choose the right scratching option.

What will stop my cat scratching the sofa and other furniture?

How about a grey cat tower plus condo, with natural sisal posts for nail sharpening and condo to curl up in? Similarly, look at the giant cat tree with a hanging mouse. This could be a good option to ensure countless hours of scratching and fun.

Most importantly, your cat deserves a comfortable space to have fun and nap, and if not for them, get a cat tree or a scratching post to save your furniture!

Cat Tree FAQs

  • Do kittens need a cat tree? 

While kittens don’t necessarily need a cat tree, having one can be beneficial for their development and well-being. Kittens are active and curious by nature, and providing them with a cat tree can give them an outlet for their energy and a place to climb, explore, and play.

Additionally, a cat tree can help your kitten develop and maintain their natural instincts, such as scratching and climbing. It can also provide them with a cozy and comfortable space to nap, which is important for their overall health and well-being.

That being said, it’s important to choose a cat tree that is appropriate for your kitten’s size and age. Some cat trees may be too tall or have platforms that are too high for a young kitten to safely climb, so it’s important to consider the product carefully before making a purchase.

  • How to choose a cat tree?

Choosing a cat tree can be a fun and exciting experience for both you and your cat. Here are some tips on how to choose the right cat tree for your furry friend:

  1. Consider your cat’s size: It’s important to choose a cat tree that is appropriate for your cat’s size and weight. A cat tree that is too small may not provide enough space for your cat to play and rest, while a cat tree that is too big can be intimidating and difficult for your cat to climb.
  2. Look for a stable base: A cat tree with a wide and stable base will ensure that the structure remains sturdy, even when your cat is playing or climbing.
  3. Check the materials: The material used to construct the cat tree is an important factor to consider. Natural sisal rope or fabric coverings provide a great scratching surface for your cat, and are also durable and easy to clean.

Scratching Posts

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