The Need For Cat Collars 

Many people think that cat collars are just for decoration. While you can get pretty designs and unique patterns, that’s not the real reason why cats wear collars. Similar to a dog neckband, its a way of identification should your pet go missing. By including your personal details along with getting your pet microchipped, the likelihood of them returning home is greater. 

Additionally, it’s encouraged for your pet to wear a collar with a minimum of 1 bell on it. This is purely for conservation reasons. In Australia, cats are responsible for the extinction of many marsupials and bird species. By placing a bell on their collar, it’s a way to notify other animals of their presence. It also makes finding your cat within the house easier too! Although, they’re probably just hiding in their cat scratcher! So what should you look for in a collar?

Picking a Cat Collar & Making Sure It Fits

Most people pick a collar based on personal preference. They go for a collar that is pretty to look at or is a nice reflection of their pet’s personality. While it’s important you like the look of the collar, it’s also important that it meets the needs of your pet. Is your cat the adventurous type? Perhaps they are a homebody? Maybe they’re tiny and need a collar reflective of that. Outdoor cats need a collar with a bell and a place to put your personal details. Dog tags are a great way to get all information on the collar and can be neatly placed near the bell. Indoor cats may want something light and barely noticeable! 

So how do you know if the collar fits? The key to ensuring the collar is fitted properly is by being able to fit 1-2 fingers under the collar. Any less than that, your pet risks choking. Furthermore, if it’s too loose, your pet can easily escape! Our collars offer adjustable straps so you can move the collar accordingly. All you need to do is pick your favourite colour! Select from red, green, blue, yellow and pink just to name a few!


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