Dry Cat Food: The Secret To Better Health 

Are you trying to decide on the best diet for your cat? There are many benefits to having a mixed diet for your pet. That means using a combination of both wet and dry cat food, to keep your best fur friend happy. 

Regardless if it’s wet or dry, the pet food should be specified for cats. This is because their diet differs from other animals, needing different minerals and nutrients than that of dogs. Additionally, various breeds require more specialised dry food types. Breeds such as ragdolls can eat cat biscuits that help to add shine to their coat, while alternate breeds may not need this. Speak with a vet to get their opinion on the specialised brands you should be using to have a healthy and happy cat. 

How Much Dry Cat Food Should I Feed My Pet? 

Much like humans, obesity can be present in cats too. Often, obesity is a result of overfeeding their pet. While most foods are made specifically for cats, pet owners will often give additional food while cooking or will feed their cat whenever they meow. This isn’t the best practice as it can be hard to keep track of what your pet has eaten. Instead, we recommend speaking with your vet to enquire how many calories your pet should be eating specifically based on their weight. You can then calculate the calories in their food, similar to how you would with your own. 

Furthermore, it’s essential to read the back of the food packet to see the brands guidelines for appropriate amounts.


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