Should You Use A Lead & Collar OR A Dog Harness? 

There is no simple answer to this question. The answer depends on you and your dog. Traditionally, most people use leads and collars to take their pet for walks. Today, more people are turning towards a dog harness for walking, as it can also make transporting pets easier too. 

A traditional collar and lead is better suited to older dogs who are already trained. Dogs that have the ability to walk off leash or remain by your side won’t really need a lead, it’s more of a precautionary or regulation. Putting on a harness for a walk would take up more time than needed for an obedient pet. Choker collars and chains are an alternate method for training a dog to walk using a traditional lead kit. We recommend keeping dog treats on hand regardless what method you select for your puppy!

Benefits Of Using a Dog Harness 

Overall, dog harnesses are better for your pet. They’re a great tool for training puppies, without risking injury. An example of this is for smaller dogs, when pulled, the weight is evenly distributed, making it less likely to cause muscle pull. Also, the weight is evenly displaced through the harness, so it makes it harder for your pet to break free from the leash, and is better for giving you control. This is especially great for larger dogs! 

While harnesses are great, they can’t be worn as often as a collar. You need to put it and on and off after each walk to allow maximum comfort to your hound. Many people will just stick to a dog collar so they can ensure they never forget to put their pets details on their collar should they escape. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new! If you’re pet isn’t a fan of the harness, you can always contact our team for advice.


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