We Stock Variety of Chicken Coops & Feeders

Pet Wizard supplies the finest quality chicken coops and feeders. We only carry the best locally sourced chicken coops guaranteed to keep your hen’s safe from predators, fed, and nourished.

Our chicken and rabbit hutch selection includes weatherproof outdoor enclosures, indoor rabbit hutches. Also, multi-storey wooden hutches plus much more! For good health and development, chickens and all other small animals in your home require proper housing. In addition, proper bedding, heat lamps, food dishes, nest boxes, and nutritious meals. That’s why Pet Wizard in collaboration with local vets and animal care providers stock our shelves with safe proven pet supplies.

Remember, raising chicken is a rewarding experience that requires the right poultry supplies and accessories. So, ensure you get the right raising, nesting, and brooding essentials.

So, whether you are looking for chicken enclosures, feeders or other small animal products  trust Pet Wizard to deliver quality every time!


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